Criminal Defense

Are you facing criminal charges? A conviction can result in more than just jail time and a fine. It can impact your career, your family, your freedom and your future. Tarris Law will fight on your behalf providing a criminal defense strategy to protect your rights and make sure you are treated fairly. We get you the outcome you deserve.

The list below contains information on some of the most typical offenses, as listed in the Virginia Code:


Reckless Driving 

Possession of Marijuana

Property Destruction 

Brandishing a Firearm 


Assault & Battery 

Larceny & Theft

Disorderly Conduct

Obstruction of Justice 

Concealed Weapons 

Bad Checks

An attorney can help you navigate the ramifications and elements of each of these offenses. It is important to obtain representation as quickly as possible after a charge. If you are under investigation it can be even more important to have a lawyer on your side from the get go. Often evidence in your favor can be lost or destroyed and it is important to have an attorney working to preserve and prepare the evidence you need for your case. We use our expertise to find case law that sets a favorable precedent for your situation and apply it accordingly to the evidence provided to get you results!

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