How to Protect Your Rights if you are Questioned by Police or Arrested

Do you know how to properly protect your rights? We can help. See the instructions below on how to handle police questioning, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.


1.) Be polite and respectful when speaking with an officer. You should politely respond to any reasonable questions the officer has and you may record the interaction. Make sure to be prepared to provide identification when operating a vehicle and to obtain the officer’s name.

2.) If you feel like you are being interrogated or are not free to leave, ask the officer if you are under arrest and if you are allowed to leave.

3.) If you are not under arrest but not free to leave, ask why.

4.) If the officer asks to search you or your belongings, you should politely and clearly refuse so your rights are protected. You should then ask again if you are under arrest and free to leave. Officers may be allowed to obtain probable cause for a search. If the officer says they have a search warrant ask to see it and for a copy to protect your rights.

5.) If you are under arrest, immediately ask to have an attorney present for any further police questioning and clearly refuse to answer all further questioning until your attorney arrives to protect your rights.

6.) Do not say, sign, or agree to anything without your attorney being present after you have invoked your right to an attorney no matter what tactics the police use.

7.) Do not resist arrest, confront, run from, or initiate physical interaction with an officer.

8.) Do not talk about your case with others at ANYTIME, especially with inmates or on facebook or other social media. Do not speak about your case on the phone from jail.

9.) Once your attorney arrives, be honest and follow his instructions so he can adequately protect your rights.