Legal Health Checklist

Use our legal health checklist to see if you have everything you need to be legally protected.

When you turn 18 you need:

  • A Will to determine how your assets will be distributed.
  • A Financial Power of Attorney appoints someone to make your financial decisions if you become unable.
  • A Living Will & Health Care Directive to make advance decisions regarding your healthcare and last wishes.
  • Insurance Policies to cover assets and liabilities.

When you trade a vehicle or other expensive goods you need:

  • A Bill of Sale to detail the terms of sale for an item.
  • A Purchase Order as evidence of the terms to purchase goods in case a disagreement occurs.

When you move into a new home you need:

  • Purchase Agreements and Deeds as evidence of the terms of a purchase and details of the rights to a property in case of disagreements or future transfers.
  • Rental/Lease Agreements to dictate warranties, protections and responsibilities.

When you are married you need:

  • A Marriage Agreement to formalize expectations of a new or existing marriage.
  • Property Assignments to describe what is joint and individually owned property.

When you have children you need:

  • A Trust funded with savings or life insurance to make sure you family is provided for.
  • A Parenting/Custody Agreement to make sure you don’t fight over the kids.

When you have a business you need:

  • Ownership/Operating Agreements to dictate how the business will be owned and operated.
  • Employment Agreements to formalize the terms and expectations of a working relationship.
  • Copyrights, Patents, & Trademarks to protect your intellectual property.
  • Buy-Sell Agreements to ensure the business is transferred properly.

When accidents occur you need:

  • A Retainer Agreement so you have an attorney ready to advise you on the best course ahead.

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